UTTSA Winterlicious Luncheon

University of Toronto Thai Student Association

UTTSA Winterlicious Luncheon

The UT Thai Student Association would like to invite all its members and all the members of the University of Toronto community to savour the best that Toronto has to offer. That’s right we are talking about the famous Winterlicious 2009.

For those who are new, Winterlicious is a festival that typically last a few weeks to showcase Toronto’s fine restaurants. The best part is they create special menu for the festival for a very good bargain. So why not stop eating McDonalds, MAMA, Korean instant noodle, and join us for lunch for a day at the UTTSA Winterlicious Luncheon.

This lunch will be on February 8, 2009. It’s a Sunday. RSVP is required for this event.

: UTTSA Winterlicious Luncheon
Where: 5th Element (map)
When: February 8th, 2009. At 11:30 a.m.

  • 1st and 2nd Year: Tang
  • 3rd Year and above: Tam
  • Email