UTTSA Potluck Coming up!

University of Toronto Thai Student Association

UTTSA Potluck Coming up!



This up coming Saturday November 7th, 2009 12pm-3pm @ ISC (International Student Centre at University of Toronto) Cumberland Room, 33 St. George Street. Toronto, ON M5S 2E3.

Important steps for all members who will be attending our UTTSA potluck event this up coming Saturday!

1. Please leave us a response at this topic in the forum with your name as a confirmation of your attendance (as well as specify # of guests you will be bringing).

2. Please give us the list of food dishes you will be preparing (or ordering in ^^ for those of you who can’t cook) Please keep in mind that this is a gathering of roughly 15-20 participant and help us supply accordingly.
Soft drinks, ice, and utensils will be provided by the exec team.

We will need a couple of volunteers for cooking rice (If you really don’t like to cook this could be your golden opportunity, though only two people would be enough ^^)

If you have any friends who are interested in joining this event please feel free to bring them along! (FYI they don’t have to be Thai!)

RSVP as soon as possible please
. Possibly by this weekend so that the exec team can gather the final menu for all the dishes as well as the total number of guests.

Lets help make this event a memorable one!