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University of Toronto Thai Student Association (UTTSA) is a student organization that have the purposes of (1) promote Thai culture and tradition by organizing or participating in events arranged by the Thai embassy, (2) support upcoming and current students to transition to university life and Canada, and (3) offer information and opportunities for members regarding Thai events both inside and outside of the clubs.

This club is open to all University of Toronto members (students, staff, faculty and alumni). The membership is also open to the public enrolled or employed at other post-secondary institution. No membership fee is necessary to be a part of UTTSA.

The executive team for 2022/2023 is composed of eight officer including

  1. Co-Presidents (2)
  2. Vice-President
  3. Marketing
  4. Event Coordinator (2)
  5. Website Developer
  6. Financial Manager

There are two types of meetings: annual general meetings (AMG) and executive meetings. The annual general meetings shall be held twice a year (once per academic term) with an aim to go over the group’s annual activity plan, financial health and propose or vote on constitutional amendments, if any. The executive meetings shall be held on a monthly basis to discuss progress and plan future executive actions.

Full constitution for 2021/20221