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University of Toronto Thai Student Association

Alumni Panel Event 2020

On September 5, 2020, UTTSA invited UofT alumni to meet and give advice to current students through zoom. The alumni answered questions that current students asked and had a casual talk.

First Meet: Laser Tag 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak caused the 2020/2021 school year to be entirely online hence most first year Thai students are attending online UofT from Thailand. On August 10, 2020 UTTSA members in Bangkok met up to play laser tag at Siam Laser Games.

Rub Nong in Review

Our Rub Nong event was a blast, thanks to everyone who came. Also, a BIG thank you to those who made it happened. We really had a lot of fun and we were happy to see a lot of new faces, as well as the ‘old’ ones. ;D We hope to see you again in…
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Potluck – November 2010

Thank you those who came to the potluck! We hope you enjoyed our event and the delicious foods there. [ Photo credit: P’Nong ] Please look forward to our next events 🙂

UTTSA Winterlicious

Greetings all, Thank you everyone for coming out today. We hope you all enjoyed the Winterlicious today. It was such a nice, warm day to be out. We appreciate your continuing support for the UTTSA, and are looking forward to yet another strong turnout in the next and following events that we will be holding…
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UTTSA Snowball Fight Pictures

Thanks to those who came out and joined us in the fight!