University of Toronto Thai Student Association



We hope you are doing well on all your midterms for those who are still in school, or enjoying your job (or job searching) for all grads 🙂

Happy late Thanksgiving and early Halloween!

Few things:
1. Small dinner gathering on October 29 (Pre-Halloween)
2. Potluck on November 12
3. Fundraising for Flood in Thailand (Thai food serve on campus)
4. Defensive Training for Women (November 26)


1. Small dinner gathering
There will be a small gathering on OCTOBER 29, just chit-chat dinner to catch up on all of you! Just because we miss you very much so COME OUT AND EAT WITH US! Take a break from study and come chill! The location is currently unknown but please vote in the link if you have anything in mind! 🙂 or most likely will ended up at the bowl or korean grill again (yes i know, rather repetitive eh!) and to spice things up we will have the theme for the dinner 😛


Yes! it is that time of the year when you can finally show your cooking (or baking) skills! As winter is approaching, nothing is better than HUGE variety of thai food and enjoying each other’s company so pick up your TA-LEW and start cooking! (hopefully practice makes perfect). It will be held in the same place as before Cumberland House on St. George. This is just a heads up so PLEASE start thinking of what you would like to bring. More information will be send out regarding this as we came closer to the event but just MARK THE DATE! 🙂


3. Flood in Thailand
As most of you already know, many areas in Thailand is now suffering from flood and we want to help! As a Thai people, we are responsible for helping other who are suffering, we are fortunate enough to be here and so why don’t we GIVE BACK right! We will be contacting Thai restaurant around the area for food, and we we be selling them on campus and send all the money we get to Thailand to help people suffering from flood. If you’re willing to help, please email Pat and she will let you know more information on how you can help. Let’s TUM-BOON together so we can be together again in the next life 🙂

We’ve created a facebook event for this! Please see the date and location at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=233614323359789  🙂


4. Defensive training for Women
ACAS is very generous to offer us the Defensive Training workshop for Women. As you may know, Toronto might not be the safest place in the world in nighttime so we would like to invite you to come out to our training session. Precaution is always good and remember, preparation is always the best thing you can do to prevent bad things from happening. If you’re interested in coming, please email sviddayakorn[at]gmail[dot]com but more information will be posted on facebook between now and then.

We’re hoping to see you in one or more of these events 🙂

Happy OCTOBER everyone!


– UTTSA exec team