UTTSA NOVEMBER-2014 Newsletter

University of Toronto Thai Student Association

UTTSA NOVEMBER-2014 Newsletter

U of T news

1) Last date to cancel F courses; CR/NCR opt-in/opt-out
Last day to drop courses with F section codes from academic record and GPA is on Monday, Nov 3rd. After this deadline a mark is recorded for each course, whether course work is completed or not (a 0/zero is assigned for incomplete work), and calculated into the GPA.
More details about CR/NCR can be found here

2) Corrections to 2013-2014 Fall/Winter academic record
Last day to request corrections to 2013-2014 Fall/Winter academic record is on Monday, Nov 15th.

3) Fall break 
School closed for fall break from Monday, Nov 17th to Tuesday, Nov 18th


4) Potluck 
On Saturday, Nov 8th, UTTSA is hosting a potluck event. Please check out the event page below for more details.

Potluck event page